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Get more out of life

We all want to maximize our time. But sometimes things happen, we get sidetracked, and we lose focus on what we actually want to do. Other times, we simply don’t know how to do things quickly and use our time efficiently.

Better-lifehacks.com offers tips, tricks, and guidance to people who want to make their lives better. It’s a platform for those looking for better ways to do their daily activities, achieve their goals faster, and reduce the amount of time they waste on unnecessary things.

Simply put, Better-lifehacks.com helps you get more out of life so you could live more and live better.


Did you know that you lose about 21.8 hours of your workweek on useless, unproductive activities? That’s a lot of time if you’d ask us!

Common time-wasters include:

  • Social media — Time flies fast when you’re on social media!
  • Streaming services — Sure, watching TV and streaming programs could be a way to relax for some. But it can quickly eat up so much of your time — time that you could have spent doing something productive.
  • Commuting — Wouldn’t it be nice to find a better way to get to work faster? Your daily commute may get you stuck in traffic, but if you’re not driving, you could use this time to get minor tasks out of the way, such as checking emails, catching up on your coursebook, or creating your grocery shopping list.
  • Looking at advertisements — According to research, the average American spends 61 minutes every day watching promotions and TV ads.
  • Dressing Up — Studies show that women spend 16 to 20 minutes deciding what to wear to work or for a night out in town?

Our Mission

Better-lifehacks.com is on a mission to help you use your time more efficiently and make things easier to do. From beauty, health, finance, and everything in between, we’re here to offer guides and practical tips you can immediately use in your daily life.

With Better-lifehacks.com, you can face your day with confidence. You’re assured that you’d be able to accomplish things you set out to do and feel good about making the most out of your life.

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