No Time To Clean Your Bathroom? With This Trick, You'll Be Done In No Time!

Too busy to clean your bathroom? Then you should have this life-hack in your life. Rip your old cleaning technique in half because, after this secret, you’ll never need anything else!

And we are going to tell you that secret here...

If you look at your toilet after this, then you won’t see any more problems. Because your bathroom is now always going to look effortlessly clean. How, you must be wondering? Take a look!

Ready... Steady... Go!


The secret to a more efficient, and therefore faster, cleaning of your bathroom is to set priorities. Suppose you only have 15 minutes to clean. Then, thoroughly scrubbing everything from top to bottom is not an option. Still, you can make your bathroom look squeaky clean in this time.

Not only will it seem cleaner, but after three weeks of repeating this trick once a week, your bathroom will look permanently clean.

Are you ready for the method? Then read on!

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What do you need?

  1. Microfiber cloths (you can also use paper towels or cleaning wipes, but we prefer microfiber)- 1 for mirrors,1 for each toilet, 1 for each sink, and a few extra for bathtubs and showers
  2. Glass and mirror cleaner
  3. Disinfectant/bathroom cleaner
  4. Baking soda
  5. Toilet cleaner (we use a disposable/flushable toilet cleaning system)
  6. Empty bin for dirty wipes or paper towels
  7. Trolley or tray to carry supplies from room to room

Then comes the application of all these tools, because that is, of course, the most important thing. Because with just a big pile of tools, you can't do much either.

Let us explain to you how this all works... Lets go!!

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Clean up your counters and sink, and let's get started.

Start by spraying the mirrors and wiping them clean. We use a glass and mirror microfiber cloth for fluff and to have streak-free mirrors. Keep this cloth close by and reuse it later for other glass surfaces in the house.

Then you go to the sink, the toilet and the bathtub or shower (if you do not use the bathtub or shower regularly, you do not need to clean it weekly). Spray all of it with disinfectant cleaner to clean it thoroughly.

Ready for the next step?

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Wipe the sink, toilet and bathtub or shower clean. Use a separate cloth or paper towel for each toilet, sink and tub. This is how you prevent cross-contamination.

After this, pour some baking soda, diluted with water, into all the drains. This way you prevent blockages. And a wet cloth over the floor ultimately provides the finishing touch.

Finally, place the dirty wipes in a bin and you're all done! It sounds like this might take a long time, but if you do this weekly, a quick wipe down and 15 minutes of work can be enough!

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